Lisa Robinson

 Paralegal/Notary public

Hi my name is Lisa and I am a Paralegal/Notary Public.

 I am ashamed of our Canadian Government for pressuring, coercing, and bribing it’s citizens into submitting to an experimental vaccine. 

Denying people their right to work, travel, enter businesses or to participant in any kind of sports or entertainment is creating a very dangerous decent into a medical dictatorship for ALL Canadians. 

Because of this, I am offering my services of notarizing any documents needed to help fight against this Tyranny for free for all Ontarian's. 

I have made some great strides, and will continue challenging myself to do everything I can to help people like you, and put an end to these divisive politics. Please consider making a donation today to help support me in my efforts. 

 I  honestly don’t have all the answers, but I am committed to finding them. Thank you​380a7

I took an oath to seek and improve the administration of justice.  to champion the rule of law and to safeguard the rights and freedoms of all persons, and...

That is what I intend to do!!